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The online Bookstore offers scientific and technical information products published by PAHO and available for sale. Its search engine allows you to find the products by subjects, year, title, series, and keyword. You will also find journal articles, individual chapters, book reviews, press kits, press releases, among others.

Publications Catalog 2009 is now available

The Pan American Health Organization is proud to announce the availability of the Publications Catalog 2009
Select this link to download PAHO's Catalog in high resolution PDF ( 69.8 MB: ideal for printing)
Select this link to download PAHO's Catalog in medium resolution PDF (11.9 MB)
Select this link to download PAHO's Catalog in low resolution PDF (3.40 MB: ideal to search this catalog on your computer)

This 2009 Publications Catalog offers a greater array of electronic books than in past years. Many of these books originate from and were produced in the PAHO member countries to respond more directly to national health issues and problems. You will find titles on tuberculosis originating from Colombia, Mexico, and Panama; titles on mental health from Guatemala and on child health from Nicaragua; titles on HIV from Honduras and the Dominican Republic; and titles on human resources development from Argentina and Uruguay. In addition, you will see that the catalog is now a tool that facilitates access to other PAHO information services such as the virtual campus, national virtual health libraries, PAHO’s machine translation program, and a self-instructional CD focusing on inequalities. The catalog continues to include the products of the PAHO Publishing program, the interactive Journal ((, and the online bookstore ( We offer regional PAHO publications in a great range of subject areas including alcohol and primary health care, malnutrition in infants and young children in Latin America, recommendations for the treatment of diarrhea, the invisible economy and gender-based inequalities, and an intercultural health vision for the indigenous populations of the Americas, as well as a series on human rights and health. .

Finally, I am pleased to announce that, beginning with this year’s edition, the PAHO Publications Catalog will be distributed in electronic format only—but in such a way that users in different countries will be able to reproduce it locally. This initiative is guided by our concern for the environment and, specifically, our goal of reducing the destruction of trees to produce paper.

In the 21st century, our Organization considers it fundamental to take advantage of the new technologies available to expand the scope of the information we produce. This will facilitate access to and the exchange of information among greater numbers of our Region’s population, a process that is crucial for the achievement of PAHO’s mission. I hope that the products included in the 2009 Publications Catalog will serve as instruments for reaching the targets of the Millennium Development Goals in the road toward Health for All.

—Dr. Mirta Roses Periago
Director of the Pan American Health Organization

In order to facilitate the direct access to different topics in the Publications catalog 2009, we have created minicatalog per topic which you can print it or forwarded easily to your colleagues.

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