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Youth-Centered Counseling for HIV/STI Prevention and Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health

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This guide for youth-centered counseling is a tool developed to assist frontline providers in reaching young people and effectively promoting sexual health

This guide for youth-centered counseling is a tool developed by the Child and Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS Units, Family and Community Health Area, PAHO/WHO to assist front-line providers in reaching young people and effectively promoting sexual health. It contains detailed and theory-based actions and methods to improve the quality of services for young people. Youth-centered counseling, to be effective, must respond to young people’s individual sexual behavior, context, and developmental stage. This guide aims to help providers engage in counseling that best fits the needs and wants of youth, providing the young person with the opportunity to learn essential skills for sexual and reproductive health development.

While the book includes guideline, strategies, and the theoretical underpinnings guiding the practice of counseling, the accompanying CD provides an additional practical tool. Based on experience from youth-centered counseling workshops, the CD serves both for self learning and as an instrument for teaching the material in a group setting.

This guide is intended to professionals in the human services and health field who are front-line providers working with youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. These professionals include social workers, nurses, teachers, high school counselors, physicians, psychologist, mental health specialist, youth workers and HIV prevention workers, and are in unique positions to engage young people in counseling with the aim of preventing HIV/STI infection, and preventing unwanted pregnancy.

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