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Mid-Life and Older Women in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Beginning with a piece presented at the American Association of Retired Persons and the PAHO Consulting Group Meeting on Mid-life and Older Women, this collection of reports by international experts chronicles the health and socioeconomic challenges that affect midlife and older women.

Part I of the book draws a portrait of a group of socially and culturally diverse women, united by problems inherent to being female and middle-aged or older in a male-dominated and youth-oriented society. Although they may have little control over decisions that impact their daily lives, the women of this Region are essential to social and economic development and family stability. The author states: "If their productive resources and care-giving roles were suddenly withdrawn, the effects on the Region's economy would be devastating."

Part II explores the condition of older women in specific countries or subregions from the perspectives of health, economic status, and social and psychological well-being.

This book will fill the void of information about this age group and give health policy planners and community health workers an increased awareness of the problems, as well as numerous insights for practical solutions.

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