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Health Promoting Schools Strengthening of the Regional Initiative

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This Strategic Plan for Strengthening the Health-Promoting Schools Regional Initiative during the period 2003 to 2012, is the result of a long process of analysis of the current status of the Health-Promoting Schools Strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean, and of the needs of children and adolescents, and of the countries in the Region. It is also the result of discussion sessions, consensus, and final validation with a group of professionals, mainly from the health and education sectors, with wide experience in the management of the strategy and school health programs in the countries of the Region. The Strategic Plan, presented in this document, reflects the vision of the Pan American Health Organization for strengthening the Regional Initiative throughout the next ten years. Once again, we encourage all Member States to continue their efforts to improve the health and quality of education of all school-age children and adolescents through the Health-Promoting Schools.

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