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Exclusion in Health in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Millions of people in the Region of the Americas currently do not have access to health services and are excluded from the benefits of health protection systems. This issue is of growing importance in the public policy arena, not only as a social phenomenon that must be confronted and resolved, but also because of its potential use as an analytical tool to develop and evaluate interventions aimed at improving people’s health status and the performance of health systems.

Despite abundant evidence of increased inequity and loss of social protection during the past decade, national sociopolitical agendas have, in many cases, dealt with this situation in only a fragmented and indirect manner, without sufficient data regarding its magnitude, causal factors, and the affected populations.

This publication presents the results of studies conducted between 2001 and 2003 in six countries of the Region—the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, and Peru—with the objective of characterizing and measuring exclusion in health. The study forms part of a joint initiative between the Pan American Health Organization and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and its findings will be of great use to decision and policymakers at all levels throughout the regional public health community.

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