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Mental Health Services in Disasters: Instructor's Guide

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Mental Health Services in Disasters: Instructor's Guide, is composed of a noteworthy summary of the most updated knowledge in this field, in a world in which the effects from natural disasters are increasingly more dramatic - be they hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, or floods, etc. Crucial aspects in the management of different disaster victims are emphasized, with special attention to those most vulnerable: children, the aged, HIV patients, individuals with substance abuse problems and their interaction with other victims.

The author, Dr. Raquel E. Cohen, a graduate of and former associate professor of Harvard Medical School, is a world-renowned authority in the field of psychological and social consequences from disasters and intervention methods. She has extensive experience in managing these situations and has been solicited by several victim relief governmental and non-governmental organizations. One of her most recent involvements was helping the inhabitants of the region affected by Hurricane Mitch in Central America.

This Instructor's Guide complements Mental Health Services in Disasters: Manual for Humanitarian Workers. It serves as an instrument for the creation and execution of training courses and programs on the subject. The Instructor's Guide is designed to be flexible and easily translated into different languages and adapted to the customs of different countries or regions. The goal is to have a well-prepared and trained relief work force to respond efficiently and thereby contribute to reducing the social and psychological consequences from any disaster.

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