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Setting Up Healthcare Services Information Systems

$40.00 Latin America and the Caribbean / $48.00 Elsewhere


Order code: OP 120

This publication caps a successful partnership between the Pan American Health Organization and IBM Corporation that set out to study health information issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. The book contains practical guidelines and suggestions for health care and health systems professionals as they set out to plan and develop information systems.

The book discusses the implementation of information systems and the application of information technology in terms of the requirements in health care services and provides a comprehensive review of information systems and information technology solutions. One of this book's most significant contributions is the description of the functional specifications of information systems applications in the health care services.

This publication specifically targets health care executives, health services administrators, information technology professionals and managers, and other interested professionals who work in health care institutions and who have an immediate and pragmatic interest in information systems and related technology.

The publication comes with a CD-ROM which contains all chapters in PDF(Portable Document Format). The CD-ROM's contents are in English and Spanish.

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