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Obesity and Poverty: A New Public Health Challenge

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Obesity and Poverty: A New Public Health Challenge is an essential source for understanding the new face of poverty in the Americas. This up-to-date examination of the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the region's countries looks at these conditions' medium- and long-term harmful consequences and explores their implications for planning public health interventions.

The book analyzes how the region's countries experience the nutritional transition process that is under way worldwide, a process that is tied to the global demographic and epidemiologic transition. In this context, the increase in obesity and overweight observed in the Hemisphere coexists with a risk factor that differs from traditional risk factors seen in developed countries--the persistence or the increase of inequalities and inequities in health.

The Pan American Health Organization offers this publication to the general public and to researchers, students, communicators, and politicians charged with planning and executing activities designed to promote the population's health and well being.

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