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The Crisis of Public Health

$16.00 Latin America and the Caribbean / $28.00 Elsewhere


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The principal objective of the book is to stimulate and provoke a subregional, national, and institutional debate that is suited to these different contexts, in an effort to generate a trend to develop public health in the hemisphere.

The book is divided in three parts, the first of which describes the PAHO initiative and its most recent precedents, the project's terms of reference, and a concise analysis of health infrastructure and health services delivery. The second part offers reflections on the project through the contributions prepared by 11 experts from the Region. The last part is a summary of the perspective that emerged from the Consultation Group on the Development of the Theory and Practice of Public Health in the Region of the Americas.

This book is mainly of interest to people at the decision-making levels of public health services, academia, and research.

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