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Medical Supply Management after Natural Disaster

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Designed to promote predisaster planning of pharmaceuticals and other supplies required for the medical treatment of victims, this publication also provides guidelines for managing these supplies during emergencies when no preparedness plans are in place. It covers only sudden natural disasters, such as those caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The book gives a basic overview of medical supplies in disaster situations, giving examples of medical supply mismanagment. It also describes the planning of a medical supply management and outlines effective ways to manage such supplies in a disaster's aftermath. In the book's nine annexes, the reader can find a blueprint of a small population's basic drug needs for a three-month period, a list of drugs that can replace essential drugs, required quantities and estimated costs for essential medical supplies, a cross-referenced index of generic and brand-name drugs, adequate vaccination levels in disaster relief efforts, adequate marking and labelling of relief consignments, proper models for legislation on disaster-related management of medical supplies, and ways to evaluate the relief effort.

The methods and procedures described in this publication can be adopted to many disaster situations. And, although this publication was put together with the neds of Latin America and the Caribbean in mind, the information is flexible enough to be adapted to other settings.

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