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Measles Eradication

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In 1994, the Ministers of Health of the Americas adopted the goal of eradicating measles from the Western Hemisphere by the year 2000. Although the countries have made considerable progress toward this goal, scattered outbreaks continue to occur. It is essential that the countries maintain high immunization levels within their populations, especially in light of the threat of reintroduction of measles from other regions of the world.

To help the countries of the Americas become and remain measles-free, PAHO has developed a vaccination strategy for outbreak prevention and measles eradication. This publication outlines that strategy and also provides valuable background information about measles in a concise format and easy-to-understand language. Its seven chapters cover such subjects as the epidemiology of measles, clinical aspects of the disease, proper handling and delivery of measles vaccines, and methods of laboratory confirmation of measles infection. The rationale and activities related to the vaccination strategy are explained in depth. The largest section of the book is devoted to surveillance for measles cases and gives guidelines for case investigation, outbreak response, and other components of an effective surveillance system. Attached as appendices are numerous examples of forms that can be copied and modified as needed for local surveillance purposes. There is also an extensive bibliography arranged by subject.

The practical information contained in this manual will benefit public health personnel and medical practitioners at all levels. The field guide is an essential tool for anyone involved in administering or carrying out vaccination programs, both in the Americas and elsewhere.

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