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Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Development in Health and Agriculture

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This publication explores the connections among biodiversity, biotechnology, and sustainable development by examining the drug discovery process and agricultural improvements for better nutrition.

The first section discusses different bioprospecting ventures?including the now famous agreement between Merck & Co. and Costa Rica's National Institute for Biodiversity (INBio)?and suggests policy options for potential host countries. Subsequent sections explore such issues as costs, scientific and resource requirements, and economic prospects of different drug development models; how biodiversity and biotechnology can team up to establish a high-yield, sustainable agriculture; the legal ramifications of intellectual property rights, fair compensation for indigenous knowledge, and different contractual arrangements; how to assess biodiversity's economic value; and domestic and international policy implications of the use and conservation of biodiversity. A final section discusses whether biodiversity?"green gold"?will, in fact, become Latin America and the Caribbean's new competitive advantage.

"Emerging Connections" is a must-read for those setting national biodiversity policies; teams working on the national strategies and action plans needed to implement the Biodiversity Convention; environmentalists; scientists and business people entertaining bioprospecting ventures; lawyers; and NGOs working in health, sustainable development, or environmental issues.

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