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Height Census and Its Uses: Technical Report

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Height censuses of first-grade schoolchildren have been employed by several countries in the Americas since 1979 to gauge nutritional status in the population. This report (a copublication of PAHO and UNICEF that resulted from a jointly sponsored meeting of experts in 1994) presents a brief summary of the use of height censuses in the Americas and sets forth the theoretical bases for their use and interpretation. After reviewing the causes of stunting and its biological and social consequences, the publication describes a series of potential uses of height censuses related to policy planning or program evaluation. For each of the potential uses, the advantages, disadvantages, conditions for successful application, and alternative activities are described. To aid the reader, this information is also summarized in a table at the end of the report. Also included are the conclusions and recommendation stemming from the expert meeting and an extensive list of references. Policymakers and program planners will benefit from this concise yet comprehensive explanation of height censuses and how they can be put to optimum use.

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