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Biology, Disease Relationships, and Control of Aedes albopictus

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This monograph offers vector surveillance and control workers and researchers a convenient and comprehensive source of the latest scientific information on the mosquito Aedes albopictus, drawn from over 270 published references. Since the accidental introduction of this species into the United States in 1985 and Brazil in 1986, concern has been growing among health officials that it could become a serious vector of human and animal diseases in the Americas, as it is in its native Asia.

As the title suggests, this publication has a triple focus. First the authors provide information on every stage of the mosquito's life cycle, from egg to adult. Next, they present the evidence of Aedes albopictus' capacity to transmit numerous viral diseases-- most notable dengue, yellow fever, and encephalitis that attack humans and horses. Finally, control methods are discussed and evaluated.

Vector surveillance and control personnel will particularly benefit from this text which is enhanced by photographs that illustrate larval habitats and drawings that differentiate Aedes albopictus from the closely related Aedes aegypti. Up-to-date range maps are also included.

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