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Assessing Needs in the Health Sector after Floods and Hurricanes

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The establishment of a standard methodology for rapid disaster assessment in the event of hurricanes and flooding is the subject of this publication. The author provides detailed checklists of questions that must be asked by teams assessing both immediate and long-term risks to a population in the areas of communicable disease, environmental sanitation, food and nutrition, and vectors. Recommendations are made for likely sources of information in these areas.

Sections of the book outline steps to be taken by a disaster assessment team in appraising the condition of health centers and in determining health risks that might develop in evacuation camps. Establishing monitoring systems to alert health authorities to delayed risks is emphasized in this book, since a slow, widespread deterioration of general health conditions is a result of the prolonged isolation caused by floods. This publication will serve as a valuable tool to those involved in the process of providing decision makers with the information required to implement sound relief measures.

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