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Nutrition, Health, and Child Development

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This book, written by 18 leading professionals working at the cutting-edge of nutrition research, explore the state of knowledge on the effects of health, nutrition, and stimulation on children’s development. The publication’s comprehensive review of the subject deals with topics that range from generalized undernutrition, iron and iodine deficiencies, neonatal feeding, short-term food deprivation, parasitic infection, and psychological deprivation. In addition, it evaluates the results from early childhood interventions, including nutritional supplementation and psychosocial stimulation, as well as interventions in later childhood, such as school feeding and deworming programs. And, although the authors focus on children in less developed countries, the material also deals with the many children in developed countries who also are at risk of many of the conditions addressed here.

All the authors conclude their chapters with a list of recommendations for those who are considering crafting nutritional policies, and two of the authors address their policy recommendations specifically to those responsible for health and education services. This alone will make this publication invaluable to policy makers and international agencies. Professionals working in health, nutrition, and education also will find here much to enhance their day-to-day work.

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