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Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in the Americas

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Dengue, and its potentially fatal forms, dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome, again have become a serious health problem in many parts of the Americas. Although a campaign once practically eradicated Aedes aegypti, the disease's principal vector, from the Region, most of the countries were reinfested and have suffered epidemics due to the curtailing of public expenditure on health that took place during the 1980s. Clearly, a new set of guidelines were needed.

The present guidelines stress the fact that dengue is primarily a problem of domestic sanitation. Through physical means and without the overuse of chemicals, A. aegypti and the other important vector, A. albopictus , can be eliminated. Contrary to the centralized and vertically structured programs of the past, these guidelines emphasize ways to transfer the responsibility, capability, and motivation for dengue control and prevention to the community.

Prepared by eighteen representatives from seven countries in the Americas and several PAHO staff members, all experts in the field, this publication fills a critical niche in the fight against dengue in the Americas, and is an invaluable tool for health professionals working in vector control everywhere.

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