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Health Statistics from the Americas, 1992 Edition

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Health Statistics from the Americas, 2003 Edition is only available in electronic format!

The second volume of the series--Health Statistics from the Americas--presents estimated cause-group specific death rates for 24 countries by age, group and sex, 1960-1989; and rates by age, group and sex, but not by cause group, for another two countries, totaling 99.5% of the population of the Region.

In addition, this volume summarizes mortality data for country-year units and represents 58 data years from 25 countries. Chapter 1 highlights trends in estimated case-specific death rates; Chapter 2 presents mortality data for country-year units that became available after publication of the 1991 edition. Chapter 3 lists annual series of cases pertaining to communicable disease. Data for smallpox, plague and yellow fever, human rabies, tetanus and neonatal tetanus, malaria, poliomyelitis, measles, whooping cough, and diphtheria are cited.

PAHO gathered this unique compilation of vital statistics from national civil registration systems, the Latin American Demography Center (CELADE), and the Population Division of the United Nations.

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