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Health, Social Equity, and Changing Production Patterns in Latin America and

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Health has assumed increased importance in contemporary society with the recognition that equitable access to health services is an essential human right. As such, health is viewed as a condition that strengthens democracy and enhances the legitimacy of the State. Moreover, health promotion and disease prevention are basic elements necessary for improving well-being, fomenting good relations among social groups, and permitting economic, political, and cultural exchange among countries.

This publication describes a joint proposal made by ECLAC and PAHO to improve health conditions and services in Latin America and the Caribbean. The first chapter sets forth the basic concepts that form the foundation of the proposal, namely, the relationship between health, productivity, and competitiveness, and the importance of economic growth with social equity. The health conditions in the region and their determining factors are discussed in the next two chapters. The fourth chapter analyzes health systems, including such aspects as organizational models, various forms of financing, the structure of health spending, and the market for health goods and servces. Finally, the fifth chapter presents a proposal regarding the reforms needed to adapt the health sector to changing production patterns while increasing social equity. It also touches upon such topics as intersectoral action and health system organization, financing, and investment.

Decision makers and experts in the fields of health and economics will gain from this book important insights into the processes of health sector reform currently under way in several countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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