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Health Statistics from the Americas, 1991 Edition

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Health Statistics from the Americas, 2003 Edition is only available in electronic format!

The first yearbook in the series titled Health Statistics from the Americas, provides an overview of mortality in the Region's countries since 1960, documented with data from the Technical Information System of the Bureau.

All the data in this volume are derived from vital statistics obtained through national civil registration systems, from the Latin American Demography Center (CELADE), and/or the Populations Division of the United Nations. Presentation of the data is in the form of tables showing the number and percentage of deaths by sex and by age group for all causes combined and by cause groups, for each country and year. The cause of deaths in the PAHO data base are specific to the ICD revision in effect during any given year. Underregistration, data quality, and incompleteness of data are taken into account.

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