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Health Services Research: An Anthology

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Since the 19th century, health services have evolved in response to changes in medicine, epidemiology, and technology. Today they have coalesced into hierarchical, cooperative, and partially integrated, coordinated configurations that vary from country to country. For its part, health services research, a relatively recent field of scholarship, comprises a wide range of areas of interest including, but not limited to, clinical epidemiology, technology assessment, clinical decision analysis, operations research, health economics, medical sociology, and medical anthropology.

This anthology attempts both to illustrate the development of the field throughout the 20th century, especially in the Americas, and to provide a selection of some of the most representative articles on the various topics covered in the health services research literature. Because health institutions and services need improvements in various respects, many of the articles included in this volume deal with the equity, efficacy, effectiveness, and quality of health services. Others expound quantitatively on the development or application of appropriate research methods. Still others represent, what were at the time of their publication, significant contributions to an understanding of the policies, organization, and practice of health services.

The 100 articles in this collection will prove instructive and valuable to scientists, health policy makers, producers and consumers of health services, as well as to students of the field.

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