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Clinical Advances in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Demographic trends indicate that the population of the Region of the Americas is becoming older and more urban--characteristics which are risk factors in the appearance of impairments and disabilities. The elderly population as a whole tends to suffer a high prevalence of these conditions, but individuals of all ages fall victim to accidents and increasingly to violence, and these causes are giving rise to a growing number of disabilities.

The economic crisis in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean has disproportionately affected the most unprotected groups. In all the countries the prevalence of disabilities and handicaps is higher in impoverished areas; among children and adolescents, disability rates reach values 10 times higher than in developed countries.

The provision of rehabilitation services is generally insufficient and fragmented. The percentage of general hospitals that offer rehabilitative care is very low, ranging between 4% and 14.5%. Compounding this deficit, the education and training of health personnel only exceptionally includes subject matter related to disability. For example, of the 255 facilities and schools of medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean, only six offer courses in rehabilitation medicine in their basic curriculum.

This publication is directed to both health professionals specialized in rehabilitaton and general practitioners.

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