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Ethics and Law in the Study of AIDS

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This book is now out-of-print.To find this book, we advise that you to visit a PAHO Publications Center or the Documentation Center of the PAHO Field Office in your country. We welcome requests to reprint.


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This is a compilation of papers by noted experts in the fields of bioethics, law, and medicine. It expounds some of the ethical and legal dilemmas arising out of the epidemics of HIV infection and AIDS and proposes solutions that seek to ensure respect for fundamental human rights. The contents range from a detailed analysis of AIDS- and HIV-related legislation in Latin America and the Caribbean to thought-provoking discussions of both ethical issues (such as confidentiality and the allocation of scarce resources) and public health policy (such as restrictions on travel of HIV-infected persons and protection of workers with AIDS). The perspectives of doctors, nurses, and AIDS patients are also represented.

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