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Maternal Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcomes: Anthropometric Assessment

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Use of measurements to assess maternal nutritional status (anthropometric indicators) is essential for identifying women at risk of experiencing pregnancy complications and bearing growth-retarded infants. This book consists of five parts, each of which discusses a different anthropometric indicator: prepregnancy weight, height, arm circumference, weight gain in pregnancy, and weight-for-height and body mass index. In each of the five parts, a background chapter, written in question-and-answer format, provides information on the indicators current use, its relationship to other indicators, its reliability, averages, standards, and cut-off points for use in industrialized and developing countries. Additional chapters elaborate on issues specific to each indicator, and each part ends with a summary and recommendations for the indicators use.

This publication is designed to provide valuable guidelines on the use of anthropometric indicators for predicting pregnancy outcomes to field personnel as well as researchers.

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