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The Right to Health in the Americas: A Comparative Constitutional Study

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This book contains a rigorous study by constitutional scholars of the historic and current relationship between health and law in 29 PAHO Member Countries. It is a collection of articles that examines how each nation perceives health, both as a human right and as an individual and collective responsibility, and the degree to which a right to health has been embodied in national constitutions.

The text discusses contemporary international efforts to promote human rights, in particular the right to health, and summarizes the evolution of health care as a legal right. Each of the 29 essays discussing the treatment of health issues in national constitutions addresses the following topics: the constitutional framework, historical and current treatment of health in the constitution and in legislation, and constitutional recognition of other rights related to the right to health. Also, the editors examine the different traditional legal and constitutional structures of the Americas. Comparisons are made of the civil law, common law, and socialist systems, and their particular approaches to health policies.

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