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Epidemiologic Surveillance after Natural Disaster

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A companion piece to the guide "Emergency Health Management after Natural Disasters," SP 407, this manual elaborates on the information provided in the chapter "Epidemiologic Surveillance and Disease Control" of the guide. Because of the link among conditions that foster the spread of disease, the ecology, and nutrition, the manual includes a discussion of drought, famine, and man-made disasters in addition to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tidal waves, destructive winds, and epidemics of communicable disease. The time frame of the manual extends beyond the four weeks following disaster since the impact of communicable disease is often delayed for weeks or months after an event.

This manual, which covers the scientific basis of and experience with the surveillance and control of communicable disease after disaster, is directed to senior technical officers involved in disaster relief, particularly epidemiologists, specialists in disease control, sanitary engineers, and senior medical officers.

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