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Internet, Telematics, and Health

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Information technology has entered a "golden age," which introduces profound opportunity and potential for the worldwide advancement of medicine and health care. Such a phase, bringing with it empowerment through knowledge, is showing the way towards a new health paradigm in the "Information Society."

This book contains contributions from over 80 of the most eminently qualified specialists in medical informatics from more than 20 countries in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Their papers provide a global view of the potential of the Internet and the role of informatics in health care. This unique publication offers rigorous academic, political, and professional approaches to the health-related impact of informatics, from first-hand experiences around the world to practical guidance on how to begin using the Internet or enhance its use in the health care field. It also presents a range of informatics and telematics applications available nowadays to medicine and examples of how people with a health concern are using the Internet in both industrialized and developing countries. The book includes a CD-ROM containing a directory of health-related sites on the World Wide Web. Produced with the resources of such institutions as the Pan American Health Organization, the Medical Informatics Foundation of Argentina, and the European Commission, this book is an essential reference for doctors, other health professionals, planners, managers, teachers, and students. It also provides valuable information for patients and members of the general public who want to know more about their own health maintenance and protection.

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