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Health Technology Assessment

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This text reviews the main concepts and methodologies involved in assessing the effectiveness, safety, cost, and social impact of health technologies, and discusses the potential contributions of such assessments to improving health care delivery in developing countries. Since the methodologies for health technology assessment were developed for use in the industrialized nations, they must be adapted to address the priority concerns of countries with scarce health resources. To this end, the publication presents an overview of how technology assessments are applied in the health field and what problems may hinder assessments in developing countries. It then reviews the most important methodologies for health technology assessments. By using results obtained in actual assessments as examples, it illustrates the advantages and difficulties of applying these methodologies in developing countries. Training for personnel who perform technology assessments is also considered.

The publication is intended for the professional who has a sound knowledge of evaluative techniques and would like to be able to apply that knowledge to health technologies.

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