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Health Statistics and Indicators Set

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The three editions of Health Statistics from the Americas include mortality trends, and each successively builds on the information of the previous edition: the 1991 edition highlights mortality data by broad groups of causes, sex and age, by country and year; the 1992 edition adds estimated cause-specific death rates and presents data for numerous communicable diseases; and the 1995 edition supplements the collection with calculations of countries' reducible gaps in mortality in updated demographic estimates and projections.

Finally, the latest edition of Health Statistics continues the series with updated statistics and special topic-health during early childhood. This comprehensive Health Statistics series complements the latest version of the quadrennial publication, Health in the Americas, most recently published in 1998.

Set includes:

Health in the Americas, 1998, volume 1 Health in the Americas, 1998, volume 2 Health Stastistics from the Americas, 1991 Health Stastistics from the Americas, 1992 Health Stastistics from the Americas, 1998 CD-ROM version of Health Conditions in the Americas, 1994, vols. 1 and 2, and Health Statistics from the Americas, 1995

Also includes: Basic Indicators, a pamphlet of statistic from across the Region in a concise format for quick reference.

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