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AIDS: A Modern Epidemic

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This book is now out-of-print.To find this book, we advise that you to visit a PAHO Publications Center or the Documentation Center of the PAHO Field Office in your country. We welcome requests to reprint.


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This is not an exhaustive account of AIDS, but a simple explanation of its main characteristics and scope. The straight-forward information provided by this booklet will enable understanding of the disease so that the reader may confront the threat more readily.

It is divided into subheadings that answer the most common questions regarding AIDS: what is AIDS; what causes it; what are the symptoms of HIV infection; how is it transmitted and how is it NOT transmitted, and so on. Each question is answered in fullest detail, comprehendible to all and expanding on common knowledge. Widespread fears and misunderstandings are redirected toward reasonable prevention methods.

Designed for the general public, this booklet is complemented by colorful photographs and excerpts highlighting important information. It will also aid health care personnel who want to improve their ability to communicate prevention and awareness among the general public.

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