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Local Health Systems: An Ongoing Strategy

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This book is now out-of-print.To find this book, we advise that you to visit a PAHO Publications Center or the Documentation Center of the PAHO Field Office in your country. We welcome requests to reprint.


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This manual addresses the strategy of local health systems, the most effective hands-on response to the health needs of the population. Concise language and a straight-forward format with color photos introduce the basic aims of local health systems and map out the procedure for setting-up the network. Outlined are basic legislation and criteria required for instituting local health care.

Methods for ending any duplication of effort and optimizing the distribution of resources at all levels are explained. Also included are tips on promoting a health interrelationship between local health systems and the national system. The summaries of the responsibilities, administration and leadership roles of the systems are based on the success that PAHO has had with this effort.

This booklet is ideal for the administrators, clinicians, and nurses who want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their health care system by strengthening local, community-based care.

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