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Maternal Health: The Perennial Challenge

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This booklet approaches the reproductive health of women in the Americas from every angle, using simplified terminology and plain facts. It contains an explanation of the demographics that affect maternal health: migration to urban centers, conditions in marginal communities, and problems of development.

Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postnatal period are thoroughly discussed. Special attention is given to behavior modification--habits that a mother herself must either break or initiate in order to reduce the chance of complications. The serious effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and stress are emphasized. Also featured are sections on nutrition, environmental factors, and various other issues of which every health care provider, mother, and pregnant woman should be aware.

Lastly, the economic crisis and its effects on maternal health are evaluated. Maternal Health also includes a Plan of Action detailing the wide range of actions that should be taken in order to improve the current situation.

Perfect for all health care personnel caring for or advising women between the ages of 15 and 49, this is also an ideal supplement to reading materials made available to pregnant women and mothers.

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