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Rubella Watch (Compendium of Measles Articles)

$20.00 Latin America and the Caribbean / $30.00 Elsewhere


Order code: OP 215

This compendium aims to convey to countries and other regions of the world the lessons learned, along with experiences gained from other vaccine-preventable disease elimination initiatives and best practices developed.

The compendium also attemps to pay a graphic and written tribute to the legion of men and women--health workers and volunteers--who have contributed to measles and rubella elimination through their work in and with communities, even under unfavorable circumstances. Without their persistence, dedication, and unwavering determination, the initiative could not have moved forward.

The Americas have laid the foundation for the elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases. The experience of the Region in measles and rubella elimination has demonstrated that we can conquer a disease if we work in unison, recognizing the strength of team work and embracing the richness of diversity among people and communities. The pages of this book highlight Pan-Americanism in action, which has promoted continuous exchange and learning between peoples of the Americas.

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